Sweet chilli chickpeas and mango

Asian sweet chilli, some chunks of mango, an onion, some ginger, rice, and chickpeas…

Would you imagine your ancestors using those random ingredients!?

Probably if my Italian granny could speak from the land of the souls would say: “What are you doing?” and would put a hand on her eyes to cut off a terrible vision … You know, Italians are very dramatic…

But if she could taste it, she would change her mind and look at me like: “What is this taste? It is not too bad!!!”

No, it is not too bad. I have actually enjoyed it so much and that’s why I am going to share this recipe with you.

We live in the globalisation era and, despite negative aspects of it, we can still enjoy the opportunity of having so many products from all around the world… Could you imagine English food without ‘foreign’ vegetables, fruit or spices?


I had Thai sweet chilli sauce, a mango coming from some hot countries, a local red onion, a bit of olive oil from Spain, salt from Tesco (I do not know from what sea it comes from), a tin of chickpeas from Italy, and some ginger powder from India.

I do not really know how come I thought of mixing these ingredients together. I think it is because it is spring and I wanted a bit of colours in my plate. I was also craving for sugars and I thought that sweet chilli and mango could mix very well together.

What I can say is that I experimented.

So this is what I have learnt tonight from my cooking experience: use your coolinary skills as a form of art and create! Combine ingredients and do not be afraid of failing. Create something unique because creation is what can save us from a uniformed globalised world!

How to prepare it:

Heat a a bit of olive oil in a pan and when it is hot, stir fry a finely chopped red onion. Add the chickpeas, a spoon of ginger powder, and salt. Stir everything and add half cup of rice. Add some water and cover the ingredients. From time to time stir them until the rice is cooked and the water evaporated.

Garnish the plate with sweet chilli sauce, add the chickpeas, and some chunks of mango on the top.

Your meal is ready. Buon appetito!


Vegetable curry


Tonight I am going to eat a nice vegetable curry. I am writing this post while I am cooking so… let’s try not to burn my dinner! 🙂

This vegetable curry kind of reflects the way I shop, as I am using the ingredients that I find in the house.  I often have potatoes, for instance. You always need some lasting vegetables for emergency and when I shop I always buy bags of onions, potatoes and carrots (I have finished the carrots though). Then I buy some frozen vegetables like spinach and peas which I think is more convenient as fresh spinach occupy lots of volume and one bag is just enough for one meal, and fresh peas need to be peeled. Weekly I but fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, green beans, broccoli, peppers, aubergines, asparagus, depending on what I have in mind to eat. In my cupboard I always have some legumes too (red and green lentils, white beans, fava beans) and lots of spices. Most of the spices that I am going to use tonight have been bought by my flatmate, as he loves Indian food.

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Broccoli and vegan cheese Arancini.


It is not easy to be Italian and having to prepare meals that do not contain tasty cheeses and mozzarella. I always thought that life for Vegans or lactose intolerant was unfair.. I had tried some vegan cheeses but they did not melt so I had given up..

A week ago I went to London to meet my friend Vincenzo. To surprise me, his mum prepared some amazing “calzoni” (kind of Cornish pastry for the shape, but similar to a pizza for taste and ingredients) with a very tasty and melted cheese. They were delicious. If I did not know that Vincenzo is vegan, I would have thought that the cheese was a real one… However Vincenzo’ s smile and cheeky face was telling me: “What did you say about Vegan cheese?”

Finally I can say that the Vegan food industry has made progresses with cheese and, few days after my visit to Vincenzo, I went to the shop and bought the magic vegan cheese.

As I had some rice left from the day before, I decided to use it prepare a cult Italian dish that Italians (or better said Sicilians) prepare when they have some rice they want to recycle: Arancini!

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Back on track…Citrus fruit cake


Once upon a time there was a blogger who wanted to share her creative passion for cooking. Then she got stuck in multiple jobs and often had no time to cook or invent new recipes.

Cooking and writing “Free From Intolerance” recipes requires commitment, time and joy. Finally I have dropped one job and I am working less hours. I have time again, I am happy and feeling creative. I have time to think what I would like to eat, go to the shop and choose my ingredients. I have time to travel more and understand what other people eat around the world. I have understood that there is nothing nicer than having time for yourself. There’s no money which can give you happiness if you do not have time to do what you like. So, be gentle with yourself and do not forget that life is too short to be wasted!

I have a Facebook page where I share my Free From Intolerance meals now. Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/freefromintolerance/

To start my new season of recipes and to warm you up with sweetness, I am going to share with you a tasty citrus fruit cake! It is delicious!

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Filled potatoes focaccia

Today it has been snowing and this cold weather makes me feel hungry all the time.

In winter, salads, light food, and greens only, seem not to fill my stomach enough, so I have to eat multiple times during the day. Cold weather has a huge impact on our body in terms of energy. To keep warm we need to burn energy so we need to eat! I don’t feel guilty when I eat several times per day if I eat snacks as fruits, nuts, veggies, dark chocolate and nice filling meals for lunch and dinner.

This recipe is filling, so eat healthily and think that your body is asking you to do so! 😉

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A heart of polenta and cooked apples

heart of apples

Today I have a nice breakfast recipe for you! Well, if you are in Europe like me, it is more likely you have just finished your lunch at this time, but if you are in the Americas, you might be on time for your breakfast (assuming that the first thing you do in the morning it is to read some recipes from your followed food blogs!).

If you are having lunch or dinner, this could be your dessert or you could prepare it tomorrow morning or… at San Valentine day…why not? (It would be nice to read some of your comments to know at what time of your day you read this post!)

Anyway, I hope my sweet recipe reach your hearts and make you feel cared. Take care of yourself with nice food and enjoy every single spoon of this sweetness!

So here you have a heart of polenta with blackcurrant jam covered by cooked apples and blackberry juice.

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