Filled potatoes focaccia

Today it has been snowing and this cold weather makes me feel hungry all the time.

In winter, salads, light food, and greens only, seem not to fill my stomach enough, so I have to eat multiple times during the day. Cold weather has a huge impact on our body in terms of energy. To keep warm we need to burn energy so we need to eat! I don’t feel guilty when I eat several times per day if I eat snacks as fruits, nuts, veggies, dark chocolate and nice filling meals for lunch and dinner.

This recipe is filling, so eat healthily and think that your body is asking you to do so! 😉

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A heart of polenta and cooked apples

heart of apples

Today I have a nice breakfast recipe for you! Well, if you are in Europe like me, it is more likely you have just finished your lunch at this time, but if you are in the Americas, you might be on time for your breakfast (assuming that the first thing you do in the morning it is to read some recipes from your followed food blogs!).

If you are having lunch or dinner, this could be your dessert or you could prepare it tomorrow morning or… at San Valentine day…why not? (It would be nice to read some of your comments to know at what time of your day you read this post!)

Anyway, I hope my sweet recipe reach your hearts and make you feel cared. Take care of yourself with nice food and enjoy every single spoon of this sweetness!

So here you have a heart of polenta with blackcurrant jam covered by cooked apples and blackberry juice.

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Kaki Carrot Cake


After all the Christmas holidays and all the food eaten, I really needed to get back to my healthy diet! I think I put on some kilograms but I went back to Italy and there I couldn’t stop eating as my mum is very committed to feed me! 🙂

On my return I had  a week of flu that put me really down both physically and psychologically. I was in bed most of the time and I was getting bored and lonely. So, as soon as I felt better, I decided to bake an healthy and tasty cake.

I prepared a carrot cake and covered it with some kaki’s cream, as I love kaki (or persimmons)!

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Chickpeas & butternut squash salad


Often when I cook I go for easy-to-prepare and quick recipes, especially if I come home late in the evening and I am hungry. Cooking is a relaxing activity for me and sometimes with a bit of creativity and the right choice of ingredients you can please your palate and eyes. This is a tasty and successful recipe, to be served as a side dish or even as a main course, depending on the quantity you prepare.

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