Courgette spaghetti

courgette spaghetti with tomato sauce

Have you heard of courgette spaghetti? Here in England, you can find them in Tesco: perfectly sliced courgette looking like real green spaghetti. Of course, they don’t taste like spaghetti and don’t have their consistency but they can do their work: fill your stomach, being eaten with different sauces and being a very tasty alternative!

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Kaki Carrot Cake


After all the Christmas holidays and all the food eaten, I really needed to get back to my healthy diet! I think I put on some kilograms but I went back to Italy and there I couldn’t stop eating as my mum is very committed to feed me! ūüôā

On my return I had  a week of flu that put me really down both physically and psychologically. I was in bed most of the time and I was getting bored and lonely. So, as soon as I felt better, I decided to bake an healthy and tasty cake.

I prepared a carrot cake and covered it with some kaki’s cream, as I love kaki (or persimmons)!

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Chickpeas & butternut squash salad


Often when I cook I go for easy-to-prepare and quick recipes, especially if I come home late in the evening and I am hungry. Cooking is a relaxing activity for me and sometimes with a bit of creativity and the right choice of ingredients you can please your palate and eyes. This is a tasty and successful recipe, to be served as a side dish or even as a main course, depending on the quantity you prepare.

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Strawberry and chocolate cake

vegan cake

This vegan, gluten-free, and raw cake is the result of a recipe sent me by my Spanish friend Maria (Cheché), who became vegan few years ago. As usual, I have changed few ingredients and definitely reduced the doses to make a smaller cake, as you can see in the picture. It is a very easy recipe but it takes two days!

The taste is definitely amazing. Thanks Cheché!

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Gnocchi with nutty pesto: a serotonin booster meal!

FullSizeRender (3)

I love gnocchi. I always did. I remember spending days with my mum to prepare fresh gnocchi. It was wonderful. Preparing food from scratch is an incredibly creative process and give more value and probably more taste to your food. We generally use to eat gnocchi with tomato sauce and lots of Parmigiano cheese. Well, now I am trying to eat dairy-free so I avoid buying Parmigiano (if I have it at home I cannot resist!) but tomato sauce remains a constant of gnocchi. An evening though, I was thinking of alternatives sauces and I invented a nice nutty serotonin booster sauce which tastes amazing on gnocchi. I decided to use an avocado and some walnuts, all ingredients that increase your serotonin level. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that influences the mood: low serotonin level could lead to low mood and depression. So eat gnocchi with this nutty sauce and you will be happier! Ah, it is delicious too!

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Lemon polenta cake


I have just woken up and I am craving for something sweet. The shelves are pretty empty and I don’t have many fruits for my breakfast but lemons. It’s Sunday morning: my baking joyful day!

I go through a gluten-free book and I find a polenta cake with lots of ingredients that I don’t have and with eggs (which I don’t eat). As usual, I pick up few ingredients I have and mix them in search of an alchemy…

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Filled mushroom


Last Tuesday I had a dinner with four friends. I decided to invite them at the very last moment so I needed to prepare something quick and tasty. I had in mind to cook some rice noodle with aubergines and tomato sauce but I also wanted to surprise them with a nice starter. Whilst shopping I was thinking about ingredients which could cook quickly and I decided that mushrooms and courgettes should be the essence of my recipe. I then needed some ingredients that could counterbalance the sweet taste of the courgette, so my hands ended on two jars of olives and capers!

With the recipe on my mind, I rushed home and set the oven to 180C/gas.

In the meanwhile, I prepared my mushrooms.

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