Crunchy apple crumble snacks

I hate food waste and love buying fruit at a low price, so often on Sunday afternoon I go to the local fruit and veg shop which sells three boxes of fruits and vegetables which are going off for one pound only. I also buy other fruits in good condition and at a standard price, but what I like about semi rotten fruits, it is the possibility to turn them into some tasty food using my creativity.

So last Sunday I bought one box of 4 big apples and two boxes of tomatoes for one pound only. I use lots of tomatoes for salads or for tomato sauce, but I am not so keen on apples, so I need to use them alternatively. I love the English dessert Apple Crumble with custard cream, but I can no longer eat it as I am avoiding wheat, eggs and milk (argh!). I was particularly inspired and gave life to crunchy “apple crumble” snacks. They are vegan, gluten-free, and it takes few minutes to prepare them!

These are the apples I found at the fruit shop:


I washed them and removed the top black part. I cut them in pieces and put them into a food processor, added three spoons of unrefined brown sugar, some left over pieces of pineapple and mixed them. You can add some cinnamon, if you have it at home, but I didn’t.


Take a bit of the fruit concentrate with a spoon and mix it into oat. If you are celiac buy gluten free oat because sometimes oat could contain traces of wheat.


Use your hands to mix fruit concentrate and oat well and to create a nice ball shape.

Place your apple crumble balls on a baking tray and put them in the oven (you need to pre-heat the oven!)


Check your apple crumble and turn them when they start to appear golden. When they get golden on the other side too, it is time to get them out of the oven.

Serve your crunchy apple crumble with honey. They are crunchy ouside and soft inside.

They are delicious and healthy! My flatmates ate them all! Well…it was just a little sample, but now I know I can prepare more of them!


The mix fruit concentrate was more than enough, so you can either prepare lots of these snacks or use it to make a cake. My cake was made with buckwheat flour but the result wasn’t great at all. The taste was quite good but the texture was terrible…

So people, experiment! Cooking is an art!




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