Veggie and rice noodle soup



A very simple recipe to warm you up on winter nights.

You can use all the vegetables you have in your fridge. The more the better! I used the followings:


One tablespoon of olive oil

Half onion

5 medium size potatoes (you can do with 3 big potatoes)

Chinese cabbage

Fresh ginger

Ginger Powder (If you like a spicy taste)


Soy (make sure it is a gluten free soy if you are celiac)

Rice noodles

How to make it: 

Chop all your vegetables and boil them in hot water. They need to boil for long until the potatoes soften, so cook them on low fire,  add salt, soy and wait. When the potatoes are soft, put your rice noodle into your soup and stir for three more minutes.





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