Polenta bruschetta

Eating gluten free means discovering and re-discovering¬†new tastes and recipes. As a Southern Italian, polenta isn’t part of my food culture and I have never known how to cook it, despite being a specialty of the North of Italy. In my place, we used to call Northern Italians “polentoni” (which means that they eat polenta all the time) and they use to call us “terroni” (which means peasant, as most of Southern Italians used to farm). The two words are quite offensive though, as there has always been a kind of stupid rivalry between North and South of Italy so, please, don’t call an Italian “polentone” or “terrone” because you might offend them!

Well, I am finally happy to re-discover polenta, and use it in my gluten free diet ūüôā

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Aubergine lasagna

Known as Melanzane alla Parmigiana, this is absolutely my Southern Italian favourite dish.

An Italian mamma will wake¬†up quite early on a Sunday morning to prepare ¬†Melanzane alla Parmigiana,¬†as cooking it takes¬†long, and as it is considered a “special” plate.

In Italy you would cook lots of Aubergine lasagna in summer, as the aubergines are a summery vegetable and are very cheap.  Here in England, no matter the season, aubergines are expensive because are imported. I still cook my Melanzane alla Parmigiana sometimes on Sunday, especially to impress my guests, but I spend one pound for one aubergine only (I generally buy 5 or 6 aubergines)!!!


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