Polenta bruschetta

Eating gluten free means discovering and re-discovering new tastes and recipes. As a Southern Italian, polenta isn’t part of my food culture and I have never known how to cook it, despite being a specialty of the North of Italy. In my place, we used to call Northern Italians “polentoni” (which means that they eat polenta all the time) and they use to call us “terroni” (which means peasant, as most of Southern Italians used to farm). The two words are quite offensive though, as there has always been a kind of stupid rivalry between North and South of Italy so, please, don’t call an Italian “polentone” or “terrone” because you might offend them!

Well, I am finally happy to re-discover polenta, and use it in my gluten free diet 🙂

You can buy some already cooked polenta that can be sliced.

I found this one at Tesco (for those people living in the UK):

How to prepare your bruschetta (be careful with your pronunciation: “Bruschetta” is an Italian word and in Italy we pronounce it as “brusketa” not “brusheta”! lol):

Heat some olive oil and add your sliced polenta.

Add some garlic powder and use your creativity to garnish your bruschetta.

I prepared three different types of bruschetta:

  1. hummus, black olives, and rocket
  2. dairy free pesto and sundried tomatoes
  3. caramelised onion chutney and artichokes in sunflowers oil

They are so delicious! 🙂


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