Polenta bruschetta

Eating gluten free means discovering and re-discovering new tastes and recipes. As a Southern Italian, polenta isn’t part of my food culture and I have never known how to cook it, despite being a specialty of the North of Italy. In my place, we used to call Northern Italians “polentoni” (which means that they eat polenta all the time) and they use to call us “terroni” (which means peasant, as most of Southern Italians used to farm). The two words are quite offensive though, as there has always been a kind of stupid rivalry between North and South of Italy so, please, don’t call an Italian “polentone” or “terrone” because you might offend them!

Well, I am finally happy to re-discover polenta, and use it in my gluten free diet 🙂

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Please, I am Italian!


It has been almost a month now since my dad sent me a whatsapp with the result of my food intolerance test. I had it done in Italy during my Christmas holiday as I was feeling bloated and very uncomfortable (in my jeans especially!!). In England to do any kind of test takes ages, as you have to go to your GP, explain everything in detail, and beg for a blood test, that you probably won’t get if you don’t say you are about to die (once I said that not knowing about my health was causing me emotional distress and anxiety and it worked because talking about depression is fashionable and cool in the UK).

Well, my food intolerance test showed clearly I am intolerant to eggs, caws milk and wheat. As soon as I read I could clearly see every single food modelling on the imaginary catwalk: pizza with mozzarella, parmigiano, pasta 4 cheeses, burrata, gelato, bread, cakes, croissant with custard cream, besciamella, lasagna…

I am Italian, please! This cannot be true!

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