Amaretto rice pudding

Nothing new under the sun! How many recipes have been written on how to prepare a  rice pudding??


Yesterday morning I was starving. On Sunday night I had completely forgotten to eat (I was busy dancing, I guess. I had a very long bank holiday weekend full of parties). In the morning I felt I definitely needed some carbs but my fridge was quite empty.

I woke up thinking: what can I eat? in Italy we always have sweet breakfast, so I am used to eating a sweet meal in the morning, even though I have spent the last seven years of my life in England. I needed a kind of filling dessert. I always have rice in my house (especially rice used for risotto) and have quite a few sweet spices and ingredients. Then I opened my cupboard and I found it: a bottle of Amaretto was calling me! The magic ingredient I needed for a different rice pudding.

For who doesn’t know, Amaretto is a sweet almond flavour liqueur (the most famous one is the Disaronno). It is slightly alcoholic but perfect if you just sip one shot. So, why not to include a shot of Amaretto in my rice pudding? 🙂

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La crostata dell’amore


Today I was inspired to bake and, as tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s day, I decided to make the “cake of love”, or “Crostata dell’amore” (in Italian). Of course the name is just made up for the event, and of course I don’t care about Saint Valentine’s day… But any excuse is good to wake up in the morning and find some nice dessert that tells you: I love you! Yes! We should let love speak for every moment, end express it with gestures, smiles, words and TASTE! Tomorrow I will wake up happy knowing that I can taste my sweet crostata dell’amore, and share it with my flatmates.


Well I wanted to bake something quick and easy and of course, gluten, dairy and egg free so I found a recipe that I slightly transformed to put a bit of my creativity and love.

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Crunchy apple crumble snacks

I hate food waste and love buying fruit at a low price, so often on Sunday afternoon I go to the local fruit and veg shop which sells three boxes of fruits and vegetables which are going off for one pound only. I also buy other fruits in good condition and at a standard price, but what I like about semi rotten fruits, it is the possibility to turn them into some tasty food using my creativity.

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