Like a migratory bird


I love walking by the river, or to contemplate by the sea. I love getting lost, forgetting about the routine and getting completely absorbed by nature. Walking energises me, makes me feel one with what I see, my brain becomes receptive. I finally listen, I forget my troubles, I feel free. I love travelling, and I love adventure. I always thought I must have some nomadic genes in my DNA. There is a kind of strength flowing in my veins that push me to wander around, never getting tired of discovering. I am like a kid, I get excited all the time by simply looking at storms of birds, the sunset by the sea, the moon on a night walk, the green landscape in movement while I sit on the train. I get emotional when people cry for happiness or when someone reaches their dreams,¬†when people aren’t afraid to say “I love you” or when they have faith that something good is going to happen in their life. I am fascinated by migratory birds, which can live periodically in different areas and can experience changing landscapes and seasons.

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