Food intolerance

Espressino e pasticciotto

It has been almost a month now since my dad sent me a Whatsapp with the result of my food intolerance test. I had it done in Italy during my Christmas holiday as I was feeling bloated and very uncomfortable (in my jeans especially!!). In England to do any kind of test takes ages, as you have to go to your GP, explain everything in detail, and beg for a blood test, that you probably won’t get if you don’t say you are about to die (once I said that not knowing about my health was causing me emotional distress and anxiety and it worked because talking about depression is fashionable and cool in the UK).

Well, my food intolerance test showed clearly I am intolerant to eggs, caw’s milk and wheat. As soon as I read I could clearly see every single food modelling on the imaginary catwalk: pizza with mozzarella, parmigiano, pasta 4 cheeses, burrata, gelato, bread, cakes, croissant with custard cream, besciamella, lasagna…

I am Italian, please! This cannot be true!

However, after the first half an hour of confusion I took the news positively.  I thought – OK, it is happening. I will start this new year with a new me: less intolerant and more positive. – I saw the whole thing like a challenge! I read and read and read (and read, and read…) on the Internet about gluten free flours, Vegan recipes and more, and I found out that there are lots of people with different tastes, intolerance and beliefs too.. So I went to Tesco (a supermarket) and for the first time, I discovered the world of the gluten free people. I have to say that I was impressed, even more considering that I found lots of things that were gluten, eggs and dairy free. Amazing!

I also went to the local Indian shop and bought other flours: rice, tapioca, and red teff, all things that I would have experimented in the following days.

It hasn’t been bad so far. I think I am eating healthier but I still struggle to change my mind. Changing your diet is changing your mind too. I cannot keep thinking as an Italian. What would I eat if I was hungry and have no time to cook? Pasta! Pizza! Of course!

Now I have to plan well in advance what I want to eat, to have the time to go shopping and buy all the ingredients I need. It also means embracing the world of vegetables and fruit and filling my stomach with more vitamins and proteins.

For the first time this new diet has given me the opportunity to experiment my will power! I am happy now to embrace this new way of eating and cooking. I experiment and my result is good sometimes, but often a disaster!

To keep record of what happens with my diet and to remember the recipes I try, I had the idea of starting this new blog (it is not the first one and I hope it will last longer than the others, so help me keeping it alive with your comments and feedbacks!). On the Internet you can find lots of wonderful blogs and websites with amazing photos and recipes. They are perfect! How long did they experiment for and how many terrible results they had with food, before getting to that stage?

It is clear that I don’t want to give you perfection! I want to make clear that the way to perfection is through struggle most of the time. And I want to show you that improving requires taking risks which means failures too. It is important to keep positive along the way. And if you like my space, my creativity in cooking new food and sometimes getting it wrong, you are more than welcome to make this virtual space your space too. I will publish your recipes and comments if you wish to send them to me with your name and photos.

A challenge can become a wonderful journey of learning and sharing.

And… If I well detox my body maybe I will be able to have some pizza and gelato when I am back to Italy! Fingers crossed!


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