A recipe from Mali: sweet potato stew

I found an interesting book about recipes from around the world and I have been fascinated by a recipe from Mali. As usual, I changed it a little bit, depending on things I had or I hadn’t at home. This sweet potato stew is extremely rich in taste. I really liked it.


This recipe could serve 4 people.

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Aubergine lasagna

Known as Melanzane alla Parmigiana, this is absolutely my Southern Italian favourite dish.

An Italian mamma will wake up quite early on a Sunday morning to prepare  Melanzane alla Parmigiana, as cooking it takes long, and as it is considered a “special” plate.

In Italy you would cook lots of Aubergine lasagna in summer, as the aubergines are a summery vegetable and are very cheap.  Here in England, no matter the season, aubergines are expensive because are imported. I still cook my Melanzane alla Parmigiana sometimes on Sunday, especially to impress my guests, but I spend one pound for one aubergine only (I generally buy 5 or 6 aubergines)!!!


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Like a migratory bird


I love walking by the river, or to contemplate by the sea. I love getting lost, forgetting about the routine and getting completely absorbed by nature. Walking energises me, makes me feel one with what I see, my brain becomes receptive. I finally listen, I forget my troubles, I feel free. I love travelling, and I love adventure. I always thought I must have some nomadic genes in my DNA. There is a kind of strength flowing in my veins that push me to wander around, never getting tired of discovering. I am like a kid, I get excited all the time by simply looking at storms of birds, the sunset by the sea, the moon on a night walk, the green landscape in movement while I sit on the train. I get emotional when people cry for happiness or when someone reaches their dreams, when people aren’t afraid to say “I love you” or when they have faith that something good is going to happen in their life. I am fascinated by migratory birds, which can live periodically in different areas and can experience changing landscapes and seasons.

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La crostata dell’amore


Today I was inspired to bake and, as tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s day, I decided to make the “cake of love”, or “Crostata dell’amore” (in Italian). Of course the name is just made up for the event, and of course I don’t care about Saint Valentine’s day… But any excuse is good to wake up in the morning and find some nice dessert that tells you: I love you! Yes! We should let love speak for every moment, end express it with gestures, smiles, words and TASTE! Tomorrow I will wake up happy knowing that I can taste my sweet crostata dell’amore, and share it with my flatmates.


Well I wanted to bake something quick and easy and of course, gluten, dairy and egg free so I found a recipe that I slightly transformed to put a bit of my creativity and love.

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