Wander around


Childhood – Livingston, Guatemala


I love walking by the river, or to contemplate by the sea. I love getting lost, forgetting about the routine and getting completely absorbed by nature. Walking energises me, makes me feel one with what I see, my brain becomes receptive. I finally listen, I forget my troubles, I feel free. I love travelling, and I love adventure. I always thought I must have some nomadic genes in my DNA. There is a kind of strength flowing in my veins that push me to wander around, never getting tired of discovering. I am like a kid, I get excited all the time by simply looking at storms of birds, the sunset by the sea, the moon on a night walk, the green landscape in movement while I sit on the train. I get emotional when people cry for happiness or when someone reaches their dreams, when people aren’t afraid to say “I love you” or when they have faith that something good is going to happen in their life. I am fascinated by migratory birds, which can live periodically in different areas and can experience changing landscapes and seasons.

I remember that when I was a kid I got extremely happy when my parents decided to spend a weekend somewhere in the mountains (I come from a flat region in Southern Italy) and we had to pack our things for a night out. I remember the smell of the forest, and areas full of chestnuts trees. It was amazing to discover new things, seeing squirrels and breath fresh air. Probably my parents understood that I was a keen adventurous little girl and when I was seven they asked me if I wanted to become a scout. My rucksack was much bigger than me, but over the time it became smaller. I was a scout for 14 years of my life and every summer I spent two weeks in the mountains camping in forests, walking kilometres, and feeling extremely happy and free. Those moments keep living in me every time I look at the sky in a night full of stars. Suddenly happy songs come back to my mind and I can see me and my friends dancing around the fire, and waiting for a silent and peaceful night.

I am not much different now. What causes me intolerance now is my daily office job which keeps me in front of a computer for more than seven hours a day. I like my job, but I definitely don’t like sitting for so long and being immersed in my tasks and thoughts. I love talking, socialising, moving… That’ s why, when I feel that everything is driving me crazy, I just book a flight, a train, a bus, bla bla car, whenever… I don’t have kids, so everything is easier.

Sometimes I just need to look at other horizons, to come back home with a new positive energy.

When I travel I have a rule: I can eat everything regardless my intolerances (I am not allergic, nor I am vegan or vegetarian!) For me travelling is more about gaining knowledge and experience, and the food is an important part of this discovery. I allow myself to try and enjoy every kind of food, and to connect deeply with people I am visiting and their culture.